Carl Sgro


Carl Sgro is a business development professional with over 25 years experience helping technology and Internet based companies grow their business to enterprise customers and through distribution networks. In recent years he has concentrated in the area of the Internet and search engine marketing.

Carl Sgro is currently a specialist in developing SEO and SEM solutions for clients in healthcare, retail, real estate and related industries. He has an expert’s knowledge of the technology and the design and implementation of Search Engine Marketing solutions. He is a specialist in developing ROI effective programs for PPC advertising.


Carl Sgro Hobbies: Carl is also a tournament-quality bass fisherman. He has fished many of the major lakes and inlets from Maine to Florida and is a student of fish habits and behavior. In his local community he is the founder of the “Take a Kid Fishing” program to introduce young children to the sport of fishing.

Carl Sgro is a virtuoso harmonica player and composer. You might want to listen to the song “Just Kiss Me” at his Carl’s music website:

His last name “SGRO” means “curly head” and indeed, in his younger days Carl sported a head of curly hair that earned him the boyhood nickname of “Poocho:.

On more than one occasion I have heard Carl Sgro say, ” I’d rather be fishin!”


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